Public actions.
(ongoing project since 2009)
The project consists of a series of performances to be carried out in different locations of the Buenos Aires city, along with the creation of the "first document of a Parallel and Emancipated Culture Secretary".
A performer introduces herself as a PARALLEL AND EMANCIPATED CULTURE SECRETARY. She presents the project and the activity to be performed and actively encourages the audience to participate in the creation of this PARALLEL AND EMANCIPATED CULTURE SECRETARY, whose existence will delimit the length of the project.
Alicia Herrero
Records of the Performances

Printed Instructions

e.g: page to intervene




ECS is proposed as a space to be reconceived in different contexts and times.
Its activities are interventions/amendments on the printed pages taken from the web site of the city government’s Culture Secretary. These pages constitute a map of institutions, areas, contents, programs, scholarships, and grants. They represent and manage explicit and implicit contracts with what we call art and culture.
PARALLEL AND EMANCIPATED CULTURE SECRETARY invites to the audience to MARK, ADD, CROSS OUT, DRAW, ENHANCE, PROPOSE, CLEAR, and ERASE on these pages. These pages constitute the first worldwide document of a PARALLEL AND EMANCIPATED CULTURE SECRETARY.

Buenos Aires city


performance 3- October 23, 2010
Human Rights
Context: Same/Different, an exhibition in ECUNHI - Ex-ESMA (former concentration camp)
Buenos Aires
performance 2- December 18, 2009
Context: Multisectorial demonstration demanding the resignation of the Education Minister.
Public space: Av. de Mayo between Bolívar and Perú (opposite of the Buenos Aires government headquarters)
(*political party of Mauricio Macri, Head of Government of the Buenos Aires City)
performance 1- July 17, 2009
Context: Solo exhibition Archeology, Laws and Contracts. Art and Political Cabinet, Arcimboldo Gallery
Buenos Aires, 2009