ELIPSE (Ellipse)
video installation
realized with the Sucesos-vhs-archive
Sound design: Esteban Castell


Alltag und Vergessen
Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst & Bethanien, Berlin
Alltag und Vergessen
Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
Rethinking Dissent -Göteborg 4 - International Biennial, Göteborg

Sucesos-vhs-archive: video- recorded by Alicia Herrero, Esteban Castell and Sebastian Linero.

Alicia Herrero

Alltag und Vergessen exhibition
Curators: Eva-Christina Meier and Andreas Fanizadeh

Alberto Goldenstein, Alicia Herrero, Veronike Hinsberg, Maquina de Fuego, Eva-Christina Meier, Eduardo Molinari, Héctor G. Oesterheld/Solano López El Eternauta, Daniel Richter.

Wolfgang Kaleck, Horacio Verbitsky, Andrea Giunta, Guillermo Saccomano, Roberto Ohrt, Andreas Fanizadeh, Joachim Hirsch, Adriana Marcus u.a.


The Sucesos-vhs-archive was recorded between February and May of 2002 in Buenos Aires city: demonstrations, discussions, talks, assemblies, congresses, interviews with members of the recovered Brukman factory process, among other.

Ellipse is a video installation realized with the Sucesos-vhs-archive and composes of a mono-channel video, 6 loudspeakers and 6 microphones that were distributed around the room. These elements captured and amplified the sound that the audience produced in situ and this sound allowed for perceived like a sound band of video. The sound (spontaneous or not), is captured by open microphones and reproduced while the video is projected, the audience is who updates the meaning of the piece in each exhibition, it perceived (by listening) itself in simultaneous and interacting with the reception of images.

The Sucesos-vhs-archive was presented at Göteborg 4 - International Biennial, with a computer, a monitor, table and chair. The audience could choose different entries from a list.