Press Dossier Public Considerations, a Symposium in Three Acts

Rethinking Marxism, Association for Economic and Social Analysis (2013), # 25/3, /Routledge/Taylor & Francis, USA/UK (p. 121 to 133).

Todo sobre dinero, Cristina Civale, Página 12, Buenos Aires.

Tomar la palabra, Prácticas performativas de artistas argentinas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

El enacting de lo público (de la performatividad a la emancipación) en Consideraciones sobre lo Público de Alicia Herrero por teresa Riccardi.

Consideraciones sobre lo público Un simposio en tres actos por Alicia Herrero Presentación del libro: Consideraciones sobre lo público Un simposio en tres actos

Presentación del libro: Consideraciones sobre lo público Un simposio en tres actos de Alicia Herrero.

Alicia Herrero en conversación con Teresa Riccardi.

Public Considerations: A Symposium in Three Acts, 2010–2011

Escenas Públicas en Tres Actos

Consideraciones sobre lo Público

Actos del Habla. Austrian Cultural Forum New Yor

Publications that includes the project:

Art and Politics Now
by Anthony Downey Thames & Hudson(UK) 2014

It´s the Political Economy, Stupid: The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory
published by Pluto Press (UK) and Pori Art Museum (FI), 2013, lanch at Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Home Workspace Ashkal Alwan Beirut and College Art Association New York

Praxistest.Künstlerische Projekte Zur Vermittlung Aktueller Kunst
(2011) /Book series of the Schoeppinger Forum für Kunstvermittlung, Germany

Rethinking Marxism (2013), # 25/3, Association for Economic and Social Analysis /Routledge/Taylor & Francis, USA

INTERVIEW WITH ALICIA HERRERO by Pablo Helguera, chapter "Art as Knowledge of the World" of the book: "Pedagogy in the Expanded Field" publication of the 8th Mercosul Biennial, Portuguese version (pages 105, 106 and 107), Spanish (248, 249 and 250), English (375,376 and 377), Pablo Helguera and Monica Hoff, Porto Alegre, 2011, Brazil

publication, Art, Education and Posteducation in the Radical South

Press Dossier exhibition It´s the Political Economy, Stupid curators Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler

Austrian Cultural Forum New York (January 23 /April 22 /2012) (pictures) (pictures)

Centre of Contemporary Art

June 27/September 30/2012;jsessionid=1CED8283858434246648869F79C2D92A.tomcat2?media-type=html&user=anon&js_panename=exhibitionevents&action=portlets.PsmlPortletAction&eventsubmit_doview=3271315&category=exhibitionevents

Pori Art Museum

February 1/May 26/2012