since 2008

Performativity, displays, rhetoric and tactics of right


The following projects include strategies from Essays on a Tribunal:

Public Tribunal to Neoliberal Capitalism [Tribunal Público al Capitalismo Noliberal] 2014

Museum of the Political Economy of Art 2012

Action-Instruments Box Presentation 2012

Plus-Valía (Surplus-Value) 2012

Errata-Catalogue 2012

Action-Instruments Box 2011

Public Considerations, A Symposium In Three Acts 2010/2011

Auctions Market & Money since 2008

Suite Auction Drawings since 2008

Errata since 1998












The proposal involves the development of new instruments that inspire other social performativity regarding rights.

The projects that attending Essays on a Tribunal enter and gather evidence, signs, revelations, notarial certificates, new activation tools and strategies that invite deconstruct the alphabet with which we build the notion of law and right.

It investigates:
- history of popular judgments as the case of Raymond Roussell, or ethical judgments of Madres de Plaza de Mayo and others
- Judgments conceived in a specific contextual devices
- rhetoric and the triangular structure of the court, its logic, roles and forms of discussion.

Currently working on the realization of a tribunal in collaboration with different collaborations